Mystery box

Do you love mystery? Then discover slovenian myths and legends with us. 

Order a box full of surprises, each box is a bit different. 


About the legends:

The Triglav National Park is home to many alpine ibexes. But only one, according to the legend, had golden horns. 


Once there was a dragon living in the Postojna Cave. 

His scratch marks can still be seen today.


King Matjaž was a righteous king. When his beard will wrap around the table for the ninth time, he will wake up and come out of the mountain, to rule the nation once again.


Kurent is a mythological creature, a magic fiddle player, god of wine, and, as one of the ancient gods, celebrated by the Slavs.


The story takes place on Stari trg, which is located under the Ljubljana Castle. Urška and a well-dressed stranger disappeared in the waves of the Ljubljanica River. 

Mystery box

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